About us

In 2010 several farmers have cooperated together and started to grow new to our market agricultural culture – hemp. The start was hard and had many challenges, we had very little experience with this agricultural culture, however love to farming and our stubbornness helped us not to give up and motivated us moving towards our goal. At this moment we have over 250ha of fields planted with hemps.

Hemp belongs to the Magnolia tribe. It is one of the oldest cultural plants. Hemp Seeds and hemp Cords were found even in the 3rd millennium BC. The plant is resistant to pests and weeds, fast growing and very nutritious. Hemp is very strong and water resistant. XV-XVIII c. The ropes and sails used in shipping were made of hemp fiber by sailors. After the Second World War, the hemps were almost completely pushed out by flax and artificial fibers.

Knowing the great value of this plant, we seek to revive the tradition of hemp use. In collaboration with scientists, we strive to prove the benefits of hemp not only in fiber but also in excellent nutritional qualities and, above all, in its healing powers. In the current society, hemp products are still banned because of the presence of THC material that is psychoactive and is used for intoxication. By working with the best laboratories in Europe, we investigate each product to find out the concentration of the substances in the plant, thus ensuring that our products do not exceed the permissible psychoactive substance THC-0.2%. When conducting different test in laboratory, we also discover CBG concentrations of miraculous substances such as CBD. Currently we can offer you cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hemp tea, hemp extract oil, soap, hand cream. All of these products have huge benefits for our body-producing materials CBD, CBG, CBDA.






Our business is registered using Lithuanian farmer activity certificate no. 0169105 by owner Algirdas Kepežinskas (contact email sales@cbd-4life.com).